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Shop for groceries through our iOS and Android apps!


Shop  from various categories

Choose your groceries from categories ranging from Fruits & Vegetables to Personal Care

Pin-point  your delivery location

Drag the google maps pointer to your exact location for delivery

Search  your groceries

No running around in aisles to search for your grocery items. Just type and tap

Create  your shopping lists

Put your groceries in custom shopping lists and add them to your cart in one click

Select  your Delivery Slot

Schedule your order from 5 delivery slots during the day

Pay  through Debit/Credit Card or Cash on Delivery (COD)

Easily pay for your order at your doorstep

Grocery Catalogue

Explore from 10,000+ items in 12 grocery categories, alongside weekly additions and promotional deals under the ‘New Additions’ and ‘Deals’ categories!